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Sasha DiGiulian

sasha digiulian


Born: October 23, 1992

Hometown : Alexandria, VA

Living: Boulder, CO

Height: 5'2"

Began Climbing: 1998

sasha digiulian

On Climbing

Sasha first began climbing at 6 years old, in 1998.  She has won the World Championships for Female Overall, and has placed Silver in the Bouldering World Championships, as well as Bronze in the Duel. Sasha has been the undefeated panAmerican Champion 2004 to the present, and she is a three-time US National Champion.  

Career Highlights

Outdoors, Sasha is the first North American woman to climb the grade 9a, 5.14d, recognized as one of the hardest sport climbs achieved by a female. She has done two. Sasha was the third woman in the world to accomplish this grade. Additionally, she has onsighted multiple 8b+’s, 5.14a’s, ascended groundbreaking multipitch routes of up to 1000 feet of 8c climbing, and has accomplished multiple First Ascents and over 30 First Female Ascents around the world, including a First Female Ascent on the North Face of the Eiger.

Education and Passions

DiGiulian graduated from Columbia University in New York City, having studied Nonfiction Writing and Business. She is on the Board of the Women's Sports Foundation and serves as a Global Athlete Ambassador for Right to Play, Up2Us Sports, and the American Alpine Club. She also has served as an Athlete Representative on the board of the International Federation of Sport Climbing. She has been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards, including GLAMOUR Magazine's Top College Women of the Year, 2016, the Cutting Edge Athlete Award for 2014 performance, presented by the American Alpine Club, The Golden Piton Award, and the Arco Rock Legend Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Outdoors.


In addition to climbing, DiGiulian has a column with Outside Magazine and has been a published writer by other publications, including National Geographic, Rock and Ice, SELF, Seventeen, and CRAVE. She travels globally for Appearances and Events, including Public Speaking and Clinics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How did you get into climbing?

My brother had a birthday party at a local climbing gym in 1998. If I were to believe in love at first sight, climbing would be the supporting evidence. 

What’s your claim to fame?

My friends and family for supporting me.

How do you maintain motivation?

My friends and the feeling of clipping the chains to my projects. 

If your climbing was a style of music what would it be and why?

Pop because I am generally optimistic about it. Even if I'm falling, there are few days where I get too negative about climbing. It's all just having fun.

When were you the most scared climbing?

Top of Cime Oeste in the Dolomites.

Fred Beckey or Fred Nicole?

Nicole for his prowess, Beckey for his grit. Too different to compare, both legends!

Power, enduro, or technical climbing?

Techy enduro. Crimps on slightly overhung to be specific...

What’s the most challenging part of your training?

Staying motivated in the gym because I’d rather try hard outside.

If you couldn’t climb, what would you do?

Broadcast journalism and other outdoor sports. 

How long have you gone without climbing?

I went 2.5 months when I popped my A2 pulley in 2012, then recently about 5 weeks for my back injury. 

What’s your favorite type of rock?

Granite... And sandstone... And limestone :)

If you could only have one, would you choose pizza or beer?

Pizza and a Raddler.

Do you have a nickname?

I guess Sash more often than anything else. Via email S because it's quicker than typing 4 more letters 

What was your least favorite subject in school?


Figure-eight or bowline?

Figure eight 

Describe your perfect day climbing?

60 degrees F ~ 14 C- Sunny but not directly on the wall; dry rock and motivated friends who try hard but laugh harder. 

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?

The future is unknown so focus on the present. 

Could you give us two truths and a lie?

I make my own bars
I have duel citizenship with Canada/America
I've swam with sharks

What do you do when you’re not climbing?

I enjoy writing, skiing, swimming, traveling, exploring, live music, watching other sports, and spending time with my family. I also like working on career related business ventures and I do a fair amount of philanthropic work with Women's Sports Foundation, Right to Play, and Up2Us. When I'm not doing those things, I may be at an event or doing some interview. Haha!



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