10:00am on a Tuesday // Episode 5: Sasha Speaks out against Bullying

Welcome to 10:00am on Tuesday, a behind the scenes look at an “average” weekday with professional climber Sasha DiGiulian.

In Episode 5 her Tuesday plans are turned upside down when she has to return from a climbing trip to Nice in order to see her grandmother before she passes. During an already trying week, Sasha is tested by cyber bullying and makes the courageous choice to address the issue head on.

“I am grateful to have a platform to speak my mind and to seek justice. Many victims go unheard and their abusers go unchallenged. For those of you in this situation, I hope this discourse has given you strength.”

Credits: Created by Sasha Digiulian & Tommy Joyce
Produced by Triage Creative: tjtriage.com
Music by Matt Cherne: chernebeats.com
Titling by Kevin Christopher: kcfonts.com

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