How to Score a Professional Climber on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has arrived, so in the spirit of this Hallmark Holiday, I have put together a little survey for any climbing[er] enthusiasts out there looking to find your perfect match within the scene! Personally, I love Valentine’s Day whether I have a Valentine or not. It is a time to express your love to someone you care about, an excuse of a day to eat a box of chocolates while watching a RomCom with your friends, or just a negligible holiday that you forget about but that makes other people happy, so why not like it? I know that Valentine’s Day has its sappiness to it, though, so why not add to the fun with the simple question…

Which Professional Climber’s Valentine do you think that you can be? To help you find out, I popped the question…;)

Jonathan Siegrist: Gratefulness and an admirable appetite for hot sauce. … and dark hair…

Angela Payne: The ability to make me laugh every single day

Sean Mccoll: endearment; they will see my flaws but love me regardless

Will Stanhope: Someone that makes me laugh.

Sonnie Trotter: Kindness

Lynn Hill: LOVE

Tommy Caldwell: That quirky combination of crazy in a fun way and nurturing

Paul Robinson: Someone to do the dishes so my skin doesn’t get bad.

Ethan Pringle: Someone who’s psyched to share a bottle of red wine and some fine cheese on the couch over a couple episodes of the late show with Stephen Colbert and/or videos of Adam Ondra on sighting 9a’s and/or cat and dog videos and/or a good Pixar movie. And who’s psyched to go to 1st creek on Tuesday…

Dani Andrada: “Alguien bueno que te comprendas y qe te gusta” Someone that understands you well and that you like

BEARCAM Media: Somebody that makes me want to be the best person I can be.

Alex Honnold: Adventure!!!

Conrad Anker: Jenni’s beautiful eyes reflecting all we have done and all that we hope to do.

Daniel Woods: Red lip stick and a Purple Heart

Courtney Woods: A guy who can carry on a fun conversation, who is confident, dynamic, passionate, who has an 8 pack, athletic, and can keep up!

Felipe Camargo: A blonde girl, who climbs 9a, drinks wine, wears pink and has a good sense of humor.

Meagan Martin: Someone who is kind and sincere.

Carlo Traversi: A love for adventure and an appreciation for life.

Jimmy Chin: Someone with character, intelligence and grace.

Brittany Griffith: Belly laughs everyday

Craig Reger: A vise like grip, calloused palms, and thighs that can crush a watermelon.

Robyn Ebersfield: Someone who is kind, considerate and loves me everyday not just on Valentine’s Day.

Matilda Söderlund: A good belayer… And someone who’s kind, fun and loves adventures.

Emily Harrington: Someone who can put up with my goofiness, who can laugh at himself, and isn’t afraid to say they love singing along to Taylor Swift.

John Long: I look for a person with a kind heart, a warm soul, and gentle touch.

Alex Johnson: Big forearms, skinny chicken legs

Renan Ozturk: Perseverance, in adventure and in love.

Sierra Blair-Coyle: A good spotter, cat lover, adventure seeker, and a nice guy.

Libby Sauter: A soft catch and a big heart!

Joe Kinder: Someone hot and down to chill in caves all day. Hahahahaha.

Chris Sharma: Jimena

Mike Doyle: Someone who will belay me whenever and wherever I want. They don’t have to climb, just belay. Oh, and they have to be cute and have good taste in chocolate and wine. Simple enough, right?

Arnaud Petit: Kind to me and the rest of the world.

Nina Williams: A heart of gold and a smile to match mine!

Cory Richards: Presence without judgment and the fluidity to know when to support and when to ask for support. We are an eclectic lunch… a little love goes a long way.

Me: Someone that treats the person that has the least the same as the person that has the most… and someone that commits himself to his passion.

So, who’s Valentine do you think that you can be?

Happy Loving!

Now let’s go climb some rocks <3

Xx S


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